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Today in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other nations around the globe, 40% of the adult population is now or soon will be 50+ in age. Much has been said and written about the first half of life. But now 10,000 leading-edge boomers are reaching retirement age every day. Yet the church is often guilty of turning its back on this aging portion of society, viewing it not as blessing, but as burden. So accept my invitation to join me in “a further journey” as pastor or follower in the church and community.
What say you? Are we not compelled both by Scripture and by the necessary customs and conventions of the day to work with, not around this aging population? Is God calling us to inspire, equip and enable those who are active adults at midlife or beyond to deepen our relationship with Jesus, to strengthen and exercise our faith, to seek God for personal direction, to connect with peer groups and younger generations or specific ministries and to answer the call to influence and disciple the generations in our families, our church, our cities and the nations for Christ? What do you say?

What do Older People do all day?

Younger generations glance across an ever-broadening generation gap and wonder what occupies older people who seem to have nothing but time on their hands, nothing to do and no where to go.   So ask already If you ask the newly retired what is happening in their world, the likely response will be “never been [...]

When Does Old Begin?

The most basic question of all about old age is when does it begin? Does it begin the first morning I awaken with a groan and exclaim, "Boy, do I feel old today?" This leads to the next question, "What does "old" feel like?" How do I know? Did someone tell me? And if they [...]

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A Mentor… “hid with Christ”

We were sitting in a side room (it didn't qualify for "Green Room" status; see my Perspective blog "The Green Room") in a conference center in Dallas, Texas. Beyond the door, I could see and hear the session already taking place as we prepared for the main event later that evening. Across from me was [...]

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I’ve been there and I’m going back!

FOUNDATION OF FAITH TOUR IN ISRAEL/JORDAN We have returned! I’ve recently returned with 38 travelers from my 9th Foundation of Faith Tour in Israel and Jordan. It was both amazing and confusing, with President Trump’s visit to Jerusalem and Bethlehem, and Israel’s 50th anniversary celebration of the reunification of Jerusalem all on the same week [...]

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Getting Started

There are times when my biggest challenge is just ‘getting started.’ This is when my mother used to say, “your get up and go done got up and went.” So I stare blankly at my computer, my brain cocooned in layers of inertia. It usually happens in the middle of a major project, or as [...]