A Further Journey

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Today in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other nations around the globe, 40% of the adult population is now or soon will be 50+ in age. Much has been said and written about the first half of life. But now 10,000 leading-edge boomers are reaching retirement age every day. Yet the church is often guilty of turning its back on this aging portion of society, viewing it not as blessing, but as burden. So accept my invitation to join me in “a further journey” as pastor or follower in the church and community.
What say you? Are we not compelled both by Scripture and by the necessary customs and conventions of the day to work with, not around this aging population? Is God calling us to inspire, equip and enable those who are active adults at midlife or beyond to deepen our relationship with Jesus, to strengthen and exercise our faith, to seek God for personal direction, to connect with peer groups and younger generations or specific ministries and to answer the call to influence and disciple the generations in our families, our church, our cities and the nations for Christ? What do you say?

Live the Second Half of Your Life with Purpose

It’s about ALL the generations! I generally find the writings of my friend, Richard Leider, and his work with co-author, David Shapiro, to be inspiring and enlightening. In their book, Claiming Your Place at the Fire: Living the Second Half of Your Life on Purpose, they tell of their visit to a tribal village in [...]

If You Want to Change the World

If you want to change your world … or your church, don’t focus on outcomes. Focus on behaviors. The problem If I am writing a book or a series of articles, I know what I want to achieve. So it’s not the outcome that is my problem. It’s knowing and implementing what behaviors are needed [...]

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Influence the generations

In the book, The Fourth Turning, an insightful generational study by William Strauss and Neil Howe, the authors suggest we each communicate through our lives across a vast reach of time. Looking back So, I followed their suggestion to recall the oldest person who had influenced my life. It was my grandfather, Willis Jolly, born [...]

GAGE the WonderDog goes to Georgia

Second half of life lessons from a puppy’s perspective     "Getting older is not for sissies," is an oft quoted idiom by those engaged in the daily process of living life after 55+. The truth is much remains for us to learn about who I am, who God is in my life, and what [...]

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It Felt Like John 17:21

What do I wish for in 2018? I wish   It Felt Like John 17:21   Early in my ministry, there was a man who profoundly affected the way I look at the church. I never met him. I heard him speak in person only once. But as a young preacher, trying to build a [...]

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