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A Mentor… “hid with Christ”

We were sitting in a side room (it didn't qualify for "Green Room" status; see my Perspective blog "The Green Room") in a conference center in Dallas, Texas. Beyond the door, I could see and hear the session already taking place as we prepared for the main event later that evening. Across from me was [...]

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I’ve been there and I’m going back!

FOUNDATION OF FAITH TOUR IN ISRAEL/JORDAN We have returned! I’ve recently returned with 38 travelers from my 9th Foundation of Faith Tour in Israel and Jordan. It was both amazing and confusing, with President Trump’s visit to Jerusalem and Bethlehem, and Israel’s 50th anniversary celebration of the reunification of Jerusalem all on the same week [...]

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Summer Reading, Reading Habits, and What I Read

Summer is just around the corner. Vacation time? Taking a book with you? Reading is a true privilege. How small my world would be if my teachers had not taught me to read. I’m often asked about my reading habits and what I read. One word fits my reading habits best – eclectic. First things [...]

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A Foundational Conversation

Last week, in “Finding the Right Platform,” I told you about my “unscientific research” project concerning the “type” of platform this blog is being built on. Foundations are important While a senior pastor, I considered carefully the foundations laid by my predecessors. I took seriously the Apostle Paul’s words, “According to the grace of God [...]

Getting Started

There are times when my biggest challenge is just ‘getting started.’ This is when my mother used to say, “your get up and go done got up and went.” So I stare blankly at my computer, my brain cocooned in layers of inertia. It usually happens in the middle of a major project, or as [...]