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Why Purple?

In my recent blog entitled, “When Does Old Begin?”(, I concluded with, “(Old age) is a season not to run from, but one to embrace; one in which we are given the opportunity to flourish, plant, bear fruit, and be full of life (Ecclesiastes 3:1-3). And if you must, to wear purple!”   Jennifer A, of [...]

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The Day Summer Turned To Winter

It is different now The Day Summer Turned To Winter Warm and wonderful Dixie and I lived year-round in Palm Desert, California, for four years before returning to the Pacific Northwest. It is a special community and summers there were happy, albeit a bit toasty, temperatures reaching 110+ with sweltering regularity. Our record heat day [...]

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What do Older People do all day?

Younger generations glance across an ever-broadening generation gap and wonder what occupies older people who seem to have nothing but time on their hands, nothing to do and no where to go.   So ask already If you ask the newly retired what is happening in their world, the likely response will be “never been [...]

When Does Old Begin?

The most basic question of all about old age is when does it begin? Does it begin the first morning I awaken with a groan and exclaim, "Boy, do I feel old today?" This leads to the next question, "What does "old" feel like?" How do I know? Did someone tell me? And if they [...]

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Finding the Right Platform

Do you dream of being a successful writer or an author? Do you want to communicate more effectively as a church leader, a nonprofit or business executive? A key to your success may be as simple as "finding the right platform." I suggest you begin your search the way I did. By asking those who [...]