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The Story of the Quilts

Some time ago, while speaking at a senior’s convention in Australia, I met some extraordinary women who call themselves the ‘Care to Quilt’ ladies.   An increasing number of children in the state of Queensland, Australia, snuggle up each night under a quilt lovingly stitched by this group of dedicated women from Caloundra Church of [...]

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Wasn’t it the tradition?

To stand or sit still seems to be the question   Wasn't it the tradition?   So I've been in Israel and Jordan the last two weeks. I can't help but return home with at least one good Jewish joke. This one is especially good for pastors and church elders who have been on the [...]

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Next Year in Jerusalem

What is the significance of this saying?   Next Year in Jerusalem.   There are four “holy cities” in Israel, a concept dating back to the 1640s, with Tiberius joining Jerusalem, Hebron, and Safed in 1740. Jerusalem has remained the “holiest” of the four since the 10th century BC, when King David chose this to [...]

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This week I am in Israel

It is my second visit to this special place this year, and my tenth since 1974. Obviously I love this land and its people. In May, there were forty of us, and this month (September) there are thirty-five more friends who have joined me here, most for their first visit. It is a pilgrimage, giving [...]

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The church is no place for age group wars

Over the years I've been privileged to work alongside many good friends and respected colleagues. Their "perspective" has often helped shape my own. One such friend is Missy Buchanan, excellent writer, author, speaker, and advocate for older adults. Missy is this week's guest blogger. The church is no place for age group wars Unsportsmanlike conduct [...]

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