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Ward Tanneberg is an author, speaker, and leader addressing the significant moments of life through his Perspective blog. Ward is available for speaking engagements and has multiple books for sale which you can find through this site.

Missing Your Target?

In his book, What the Dog Saw, Malcolm Gladwell recounts a story of the first Gulf war in which two squadrons of F-15E Strike Eagle fighter jets were sent to destroy Scud missiles Iraq was firing at Israel. They had the latest navigational and targeting device on-board, capable of taking high-resolution infrared photographs from four [...]

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A Certain Viewpoint

PERSPECTIVE is understanding the relative importance of things seen from a certain viewpoint. This is true for the architect or the theologian, the parent or the child. One thing is certain. For every person it is important to have a true perspective on living, learning and leading in life’s first half. And even more so [...]

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Second Chances

Small Bites…Adventures in Downsizing By Jan Kinzel  Just when the caterpillar thought his world was over, he became a butterfly! Nothing encourages transformation more than when people are afforded second chances. Finding a place to serve in my community has positively affected the downsizing experience for me. You’ll find that many opportunities for service exist [...]

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Now That I’m Here, What Do I Do?

Small Bites…Adventures in Downsizing By Jan Kinzel As all that is familiar seems to be in the rear view mirror and the settling-in process is nearly complete, unfilled time emerges. Strange…life was so busy before. All of the established communities are no longer nearby—church, neighbors, family, shopping areas. One friend who moved from one coast [...]

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The Best Comes Last

By Ward Tanneberg The exact site of ancient Cana in Galilee is in some dispute. However, due to recent excavations uncovering ruins dating back to the 1st to 4th centuries, visiting some of the churches on the traditional site (i.e., the Franciscan Wedding Church and the Greek Orthodox Church of Saint George) can set your [...]

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