Twelve-year-old Jessica Cain should be at home in the San Francisco East Bay right now, living the life of a normal seventh-grader. Instead, she has vanished! Kidnapped from her father’s tour group in Israel by radical Islamic terrorists intent on using her as a pawn to achieve their outrageous goals!

The world searches vainly for its latest missing child…until a prostitute in Holland overhears a conversation and remembers the face of a little girl who smiled at her and waved…

Meanwhile, John and Esther Cain live out every parent’s worst nightmare. And Jessica prays she will be found before it is too late. But when face to face with Marwan Dosha, one of the world’s most feared terrorists, she realizes her life is now measured in hours, not years. Hope for rescue is gone. To survive, she must embark on a desperate and dangerous gamble. In so doing, Jessica discovers at age twelve a mystery some never find in a lifetime—the mystery that God always knows where we are…even when we do not!




“In the tradition of James Clavell’s Whirlwind , Ward Tanneberg’s Vanished takes us into the heart of the Middle East, makes us breathless over the disappearance of a child, and touches our own spiritual journey. A page turner set in a contemporary world with the faith of the ancient world to sustain us and give us hope.”

~ Jane Kirkpatrick Best-selling author of A Name of Her Own


“Tanneberg has done it again. A compelling novel that not only entertains the reader page after page, but enlightens us to the dangers we all could face. This is destined to be a best seller!”

~Bill Carmichael Author of Seven Habits of a Healthy Home

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