What People Are Saying

Sharing with others the good things said about oneself has always seemed to me to border on arrogance and excessive ego. I do it here with genuine reluctance. Yet for someone who hopes to experience a “good read,” or is considering inviting me to speak to an audience for which they are responsible, it can be helpful to know what others have been kind enough to say about my character and my work. Like all of us, I am a composite of others who are the most deserving of all: my Lord Jesus Christ, Dixie and our family, the good people who have remained my counselors, encouragers, critics, passionate team players and dear friends. Whatever affirming remarks I enjoy belong to them as well. (Of course, as you might imagine, there are those through the years who have not been so gracious. These you will notice have been conveniently left out.)


You…are keeping me awake late into the night and house work just sits and waits. I’m sharing your books with my friends and they can’t leave them alone either. We are praying you will not stop.

V.C., Rockford IL


Will that diabolical Dosha and his malevolent Azari show up again in this lifetime? And that nice young man, Tim Marcos. Did Jessica ever tell here dad about him? Will she ever see him again?

I’m looking forward to your next book.

C., Waterford MI


As much as I enjoyed reading your first book, your second one, October’s Child is one of the best on today’s market, Christian or secular. After I finished the book, I passed it to my wife and informed her she would need a whole box of Kleenex in order to read it. My twelve-year-old is just starting to read you and enjoying so far. May God richly bless.

R.H., Wayland MI


I read October’s Child in three days. My two teenage sons are both reading another one of your novels and are completely enjoying it!

G.S., San Francisco CA


Looks like you need to start a Michigan fan club—you seem to have quite a few loyal readers there. M.S.’s thirteen-year-old nephew in Milwaukee just read the book and reported it was great.

G.C., editor

Colorado Springs CO


I just finished October’s Child. It was superb! Not only a history lesson but I finally got a map in my mind of the area as they sailed through the region. If you are ever in the Birmingham area, let me know. I got your books from Briarwood Presbyterian Church’s bookstore.

A.A., Birmingham AL


My 14-year-old got October’s Child for a book report at school. She liked it so much (said it’s the best book she’s ever read) and she kept telling me to read it. I liked it so much I had my sister-in-law read it…my husband is waiting to read all three of your novels in sequence.

I.G., Sanford ME


Did Ibrahim ever marry Kat? What happened to Kris’s TV show? And did Kris and Michelle ever get married. Would you please write and give me the answers? I’d really appreciate it.

D.S., Vancouver WA


My husband and two of our friends heard you speak at a retreat. Each bought a copy of three of your novels for the wives back home (all signed by you!). We each have read our own book and are in the process of “swapping” with each other. Now I’m ordering one of your books for my daughter-in-law for Mother’s Day. Say, whatever happened to Leila Azari? And is the Islamic Jihad going to continue their vendetta against the Cain family and Jessica? I hope you answer these questions. Whatever you do, I know it will keep me on the edge of my seat!

B.S., “a fan for life”

Visalia CA


I really enjoyed your book. I usually don’t like such big books, (I’m only 14) but once I heard about it, I had to read it, and once I started I couldn’t put it down.

S., Coeur d’Alane ID


Thank you for my personal autographed book. I caught you while you were in Georgia on church TV.

K.A., Port Royal SC


I am eleven and my brother is twelve and every evening before bed my mom reads to us. My brother wants you to write more about Jeremy Cain, and I want you to tell what happens about Jasmina. Your books are very exciting.



The first one I discovered by accident. The second one, I lined up at the door of our bookstore a month ahead, waiting for it to come out. At first I didn’t think I was going to like it…terrorism is not fun reading. Well, once started, there was no stopping. My poor husband got hasty meals and delayed laundry. It was awesome! I’m 65 and average a book a week. Thank you for letting the Lord use you.

M.D.S., Stockton CA



After hearing you speak, I bought two of your books. Now I am looking for Pursuit.

P.R.G., Sacramento CA


I just finished reading Pursuit, and while I don’t ever write to authors, this time I had to. Your story meant a lot to me. Like Kris, I went on my own search for truth. Like Kris, I found it in the Eternal Jesus. Also, like Katrina, I met a Muslim man and dated a few times…May the Lord bless you in your writing.

C.S.S., Seattle WA


Pursuit kept me on edge from the first page to the last. Having lived in Turkey, the scenes you describe brought back treasured memories. Thank you for your insights and opening of God’s Word.

G.S., Indian Hills CO


I am in prison. Accolades for proving a Christian can write a good novel! Pursuit contained…adventure, mystery, humor, romance, and intrigue. If you had thrown in more violence, a couple of car chases, and some illicit sex, you would probably have gotten a whopper of an offer for movie rights.

J.P., Florence AZ


I shared comments about your books at a Pastor’s Wives Retreat yesterday. Even my husband, Jim, who doesn’t read fiction, plans to read them now.

V.W., Holdrege NE


Thanks for writing. I’m just a police officer from down under who likes to read a few good novels each year. I hope you keep on writing and getting your books sent down under. If you ever head this way, you have an open invitation to our home.

L.&A. B., Hamilton, New Zealand


My son works for a publishing house. He sent me your book. I enjoyed it so much. Keep up the good work.

L.S., Adams WI


I was in our Christian book store and October’s Child and Pursuit caught my eye. My husband usually does not sit down to read a whole novel. Well, by the end of the weekend he had finished Pursuit and I had completed October’s Child. Thanks for giving us two great novels.

D.S., Liverpool NY


I enjoy reading books that are fast paced and exciting and yours are some of the best. We are of the Pentecostal faith and I guess that one of the reasons I enjoyed your book so much is that I have a friend who is a Pakistani Muslim…

C.A., Birmingham AL


I am twenty-one years old and attend North Greenville College in Tigerville SC, and I believe the two of us have kindred spirits. I am so close to you as a result of reading those books. God has not only used you to strengthen my faith in Him, He is using the books to teach me more about Jesus every day! I know they are fiction, but we both know that God really could do the things mentioned…My parents divorced when I was four…ever since then He has been showing me that relationships are the key to everything. That is what the books mean to me. The love, faith, and closeness of the family of Jesus Christ coming together. Stay close to Jesus, my friend.

Mitzy, Tigerville SC


Without Warning

I am a fan of yours and have read and re-read all your novels. I “saw” and “felt” your images.

I am a criminologist and terrorologist, teaching criminal justice. I would like permission to use some quotes for an article on group hostage taking. God bless your writing.

Dr. C.L.Q.

Professor, University of Mississippi


Thanks for your insight, faith, obedience…We are looking forward to more books from you.

A.J., Bella Vista AZ


Yours are the kind of books I like to keep in my permanent library to share with others.

L.B.F., Acworth GA


My best friend and I agree. These are some of the best books we’ve read, and that’s saying a lot! God bless!

H.H., Portland OR


I was really surprised and delighted to find that a “Christian” novel could be so engrossing and suspenseful that I would not want to put it down.

K.S., Dallas TX


I hope you will produce another book soon. I couldn’t put this one down.

G.S., Valdosta GA


You have quickly become one of my favorite authors!

C.G., Indianapolis IN


I have enjoyed three of your wonderful novels…can’t wait to read more.

M.B.B., Savannah GA


I am writing to let you know how much my husband and I enjoy your books. Please keep them coming.

S.R., Birchville, Upper Hutt, New Zealand


I’m a pastor’s wife and selective in what I read. But when a book teaches me, makes me cry and laugh—and get dinner late a few nights due to the suspense—it’s a great book! Don’t change. I couldn’t help wondering if you or a loved one had gone through any of those sad experiences—if so—it just proves again the truth of Romans 8:28,29.

M.R., Fruitland Park FL


I really love these books! I want to encourage you in your fine work.

J.B., Scottsville KY


I couldn’t put your books down…read them both in two different days. Keep on writing and God bless you.

L.A., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


Please, please write some more! You and your book were very much on our minds when Y2K came around. We also enjoyed the seminar you gave. If you do another one like the one at Focus on the Family, could you let us know so we can attend?

J.&H.D., Modesto CA


The characters are exciting and so alive…and Jesus is really lifted up in your books. I believe Jesus is preparing me for some adventure with him. Thanks again, for writing…

S.P., DuBary FL


Your story about terrorists is surely current and very realistic. Write more books!

D.C., LaMesa CA


It is always good to find a book that you can’t put down…especially one with biblical truths. Thanks.

J.M., Essex Jct VT


Your first book is right up there with Gilbert Morris as far as I’m concerned.

M.P., Oklahoma City OK


I just finished reading two of your books for the second time in three years…your writing encouraged me while transporting me through someone else’s struggles. Thank you for enriching my free time with your excellent story telling skills.

C.C., Tempe AZ