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The 2013 International 50+ Ministry Leadership Conference (ILC~Dallas) looks new because it is new. This is the new CASA. The CASA Network. We’re here for you! Join us this year in Dallas, Texas. Get ready for a holy adventure and

Rediscover your WHY!

WHY has God given you the potential of unprecedented longevity at this time in history? WHY are you living where you live in the world, doing what you do? WHY has God placed a passion in your heart for young people? for older adults? WHY do you possess such unique God-given gifts and skills? WHY do you and those you serve long for fresh meaning and purpose in life? Come to Dallas in November and

Rediscover your WHY!

On November 6-8, pastors and lay leaders from all across the USA, Canada and  Australia are coming together for three great days of inspiration, relationship and growth. Meet ministry colleagues you’ve not seen for awhile and make lots of new friends, too. Get new and big ideas. Hear from outstanding leaders in the field of 50+ and Intergenerational ministry. Leaders like Chap Clark, Professor of Youth, Family and Culture at Fuller Seminary; Richard Leider, Founder of Inventure–The Purpose Company and one of the world’s foremost executive coaches; Michael Comer, consulting Partner in areas of organizational and team development with The Hayes Group International;  Stuart, Jill and son Pete Briscoe, pastors, authors and broadcast and internet teachers on Telling the Truth. Add in more like Amy Hanson, Missy Buchanan, Jeff Mattesich and David Fraze. Plus, it wouldn’t be Texas without some good old down home music with the Texas Roundup Band!

For the first time ever, the venue for our International Leadership Conference will be a church. And what a church it is. The historic First Baptist Church of Dallas, having this year completed a major renovation and expansion project, is opening it’s heart-of-the-city doors to our ILC conferees. The nearby Crown Plaza Hotel will be our home away from home. All I can say is, partner, you’re going to love it here!

Mark these dates in your calendar now. Begin thinking about who should come with you. Let me just say that your senior or lead pastor, pastors to adults and youth, along with key lay leaders in your church are who you should be rounding up. There’s no doubt about it. A dynamic 50+ Ministry is key to becoming a true intergenerational church. Successful leaders, young and older, get this. Learning how to work effectively together across the generations is key to building a lasting and healthy church family. We’ll show you how. It is one more reason to

Rediscover your WHY!

ILC~Dallas is shaping up on the right track for your 21st Century ministry. Think of it as a twin rail event, 1) ministry to and through the young (50-69) and master (70+) elders of today’s church; and 2) ministry to and through children, youth and young adults. The ‘ties’ between these two rails are the ‘intergen’ connecting points that can draw the generations into one another’s lives. This is a conference like no other.

If you want to invest in a fresh direction for the generations in your church, if you want to infuse your own ministry with new meaning and purpose, if you want to  inspire interest and enthusiasm among the older adults of your church, and if you want to harvest minds and hearts for Christ in every generation, start right here. At ILC~Dallas.

Rediscover your WHY! 



From “Ward’s Words” in Momentum – The CASA Network online newsletter. Visit for more information. Online registration will begin soon.