Redeeming-GraceSo far, my newest novel and suspense thriller, Redeeming Grace, is receiving very positive reviews. It is a story containing a strong element of faith and courage. As such, non-religious or non-Christian reviewers sometimes do bite back. It’s one of the sad aspects of this business.

In today’s culture we tend to be tolerant of everything BUT Christian views and characters. This is, I believe, reason enough for we who write as Christians (as opposed to being writers of Christian fiction), to include characters in our stories with whom readers can find rapport, while at the same time embracing transformational faith and values.

I never “preach” in my novels, and Redeeming Grace is no exception. But having characters who tell truth, struggle with temptation and overcome should be things we applaud today, not put down, don’t you think?

With this in mind, if you decide to read Redeeming Grace, now available in soft cover or Kindle books at, when you’ve finished, would you take a few moments to provide Amazon with a review?

In the spirit of fair-mindedness, if you wish to criticize the writing style or the novel itself, then you should. But if you believe Redeeming Grace is worthy of a positive review, let me thank you in advance for giving this story what is every writer’s “special gift” from their readers.

FYI: there is also a FREE Redeeming Grace discussion guide right here on my website (  It’s great for book clubs and small groups.