It is difficult, even impossible, to legislate morality.

Militant liberals and radical conservatives have tried it in the past and continue still today. Real change, however, usually begins in the quiet of one’s heart, not our protests on the streets. A most recent exception, when both heart and voice were essential, has been the civil rights movement. Yet even this milestone struggle had to begin in the hearts of the people, not simply in cries of dissent.

Still, in an America less driven by Judeo-Christian ethics than ever in our history, and experiencing more overt ridicule of a Christo-centric worldview, the number of issues laid before our nation’s leaders and the Supreme Court having to do with moral and spiritual values continues to increase.

In light of this, the Catholic Church has produced a compelling video leading up to the November election. Since it has to do with significant cultural and moral issues of today that are not only relevant to the Catholic community of believers, but to all Christ followers, I am posting it here on my blog site.

Let me know your response to its message regarding the sacredness of life, marriage and religious freedoms. And join me in voting your values in November.