Dixie and I invite you to participate in our 8th Journey to the Holy Land.

With each journey we carefully plan to include places and people that will make the Scriptures come alive for you in a special way. It’s like a pilgrimage into the ancient past while reading tomorrow’s headlines. You will learn about archeology and actually work to recover something from the sands of history. You can “float” in the Dead Sea, take a boat ride on Galilee, walk in both the Old City and new Jerusalem. And so much more. Every day will be a holy adventure!

It is a custom-designed itinerary that incorporates the most exciting Biblical sites, some new locations, and some personal favorites. Our Israeli tour guide is superb. You will experience all the historical and Scriptural teaching we can share – along with excellent meals and deluxe hotels in which to rest at the end of each amazing day. We look forward to being with you in this remarkable journey. Next year in Jerusalem!

Hosted by Ward and Dixie Tanneberg
For complete details, email: ward@gocasa.org