I’m told there are hundreds of thousands of blogs on the Internet today, so I’ve repeatedly asked myself about the wisdom of launching one more. Of course there are other venues for communicating on a regular basis, such as radio, television, webcasting, CDs, DVDs, the printed page and my all-time favorite, the pulpit. In more than 50 years of evangelism, youth, college and pastoral ministry, with the exception of webcasting, I’ve used them all extensively. So why launch another blog (short for “Web Log”) amid the plethora of blogs existing today?

Here are a few of my reasons:

It is a familiar medium.

For one thing, my book publishers like the idea. They hope you’ll be interested enough to read what I’ve written and then buy a book. But a blog is different from books or newsletters. It allows me to focus on a few of my most passionate subjects, namely, 1) writing as a Christian whose life is being transformed daily by the Master Storyteller; 2) the inner life territory so important to the young and master elders who are becoming our generational sages); and 3) a “back to the future” look at the church.

It offers opportunity for feedback.

Email does this, too, if you “Reply.” But email excludes other people from the conversation unless you “Reply All.” Even doing this, I would miss the opportunity to connect with someone new, to whom I’ve not been introduced, who may have an important question or opinion that everyone in the conversation would like to know more about. By contrast, this blog allows for comments (see the bottom of this post). You can even enter them anonymously, if you wish.

It provides an archive of communication.

This feature allows you to catch up if you’ve missed some of my earlier posts. You can also link to my regular “A Word from Ward” articles on The CASA Network (www.gocasa.org) website, where you will also find excellent contributions from CASA’s wonderful 50+ Ministry Writers Panel, contributing an ongoing variety of inspiration, insights and resources for second half ministry leaders.

It is relatively inexpensive.

It offers the maximum opportunity for conversation at a minimum of cost and since I’m paying for this, that’s important. At least to me. Like the difference between buying lunch every day for friends or meeting at Starbuck’s for coffee. There are fourteen Starbuck’s, Tully’s and other coffee and tea shops within walking distance of our home. (We Northwesterners are serious about the culture of the cup!) Since I choose to work mostly from home, the nearest one is my “other office.” It’s where I go to meet people.

Here’s the plan. Periodically, I will write a new post. It could be several in a week or one a month. I honestly can’t predict the frequency. Regardless, I’ll send out an email to everyone when I do, alerting you that a new entry has been posted. From there, it’s up to you. Maybe this way we can have coffee together. (I’ll take a quad vente latte, please.)

I welcome your feedback. I want to hear “the good, the bad, and the ugly.” If you disagree with me or want to offer an alternative perspective, go for it. If you are uncomfortable using your real name, use an alias. The important thing is to tell me what you are thinking.

So, if you’d like to join our Best Friend and me on this “further journey,” talking and praying about things that focus on Kingdom living, servant leadership, meaning and purpose, and the church we sometimes love and sometimes hate, maybe we can be friends. Colleagues who will “stir the glowing embers of our peers and leave the Light on for the next generation!”

When you’re ready, let me know you are here, walking with me on this “further journey.”